This is the first Christmas in years I am spending with my siblings. And as I watch my sister care for her children, I heard her utter the words, “It’s ok, I won’t ever leave you.”

Abandonment runs in my family. My mother was raised in an orphanage, and then she left her own children after multiple bad divorces. I was born out-of-wedlock.

When I think about the story of Christmas and how Jesus came about, I suddenly don’t feel alone. He wasn’t necessarily born out-of-wedlock but born of a virgin. People often mocked him for his family, saying he was the son of God, the king of all kings and questioned the legitimacy.

But when he was born, he was name Emmanuel which means “I AM.” He is the Great, I AM.

I pause at the thought of how God is simply more than just a God who reminds us of who Jesus really is and re-defined our generations to come. He is the I AM.

Being born out-of-wedlock, facing abandonment and shame from my family due to divorces, nothing can justify the gift I already have. What about you?

Up next: Leaving it all behind


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