Leaving it all behind in 2013

It’s a brand new year, which means great things are happening already and it’s not even day seven!

I had a meeting today to begin my internship with a campus ministry when students come back to campus, and I already have tons of homework to do, but without a doubt, I’m praying for God to continue to move the ministry in ways we never expected including many visions we’ve all been prophesying.

I also recently started dating, totally unexpected before 2012 ended and God has blessed our relationship (I could go on with stories)! I pray as we continue to know each other and we’ll grow together in God. (Even in the most awkward moments possible, those are usually the best).

He and I at the United State Botanical Garden
He and I at the United State Botanical Garden

Starting January 14th, I will be beginning the Daniel’s Fast for 21 days along with many of my church family, this could give me an opportunity to work on some of the barriers possibly allowing God to anoint me for the next year as I seek to serve Him.

Ironically, one of the pastors of our church this weekend spoke on Re-calibrating. If we do this, we can seek everything God has already pursued us to do so by letting everything go. With this in mind, I pray for God’s wisdom and so thankful for His grace for being so very patient with us.

If you’re excited as I am for an expectant 2013, would love to know more about it!

If you’re interested in receiving my mission letter or possibly speaking to you about campus ministry,  hit me up.



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