Awakening- pleasing God or yourself?

About a year ago, I helped host a 24/hr prayer and fast. In those two months, I learned one major thing. Revival will come to Gallaudet, it’s just a matter of time and when God come reigning in by pouring a vast amount of spiritual water to help grow and flourish in HIs Kingdom.

This year, is called the year of the awakening where revival is possible and without a doubt. God has revealed a few things on my heart in this time of need for both my life and the spiritual awakening of the campus I serve.

I began reading Not a Fan by Kyle Idleman, who questions if you are a fan of Jesus or a follower of Jesus. I’m about half-way (both a fan and follower). In a very humbling way, my eyes are focused on Jesus. But in a not so humbling reality, I still yearning for something that seems lacking, in other words, I have yet to search certain areas of my relationship with Christ.

It’s like looking at a long-term relationship with someone, but am I making the full commitment in the relationship? Even though I am beginning to get serious with someone, I question where I am on the relationship scale with Jesus (I know I shouldn’t compare, but where am I really?) Am I giving everything I have? Am I following worldly things or pleasing only God?

Ironically, I watched the recent episode of Switched at Birth on ABC Family and at the end of the episode, Daphne hopelessly falls in love with a new guy that liked her. Does she really like him or is she searching for something missing in her life and looking to please the person by being manipulative?

In the end, we’re searching to please ourselves more than God.

I decided this year, I would begin to read the entire Bible once again from beginning to end. After completing Genesis, I moved on to Exodus and I’m quickly discovering that God has called out and teaching me more about His powers in healing. Not just physical but emotionally. And more so about stepping up in faith. The more I read His words, the more I become hungry or thirsty for God.

Though my contracted job ended six months early, I learned that He is the true provider by enabling people to become a part of my life and reveal Himself.

In retrospect, I’m LEARNING to be a follower and not wanting to be a FAN.


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