January 15, 2009 019Today is my 27th birthday and I normally NEVER celebrate. But as I get older, I’m learning to celebrate not necessarily my birthday but enjoying the fact that life is quickly going by and we fail to recognize how fast. Immersing in my failures and success has helped equipped me to know God more.

This past week as I look back, I realized something; God created us in His image. Exactly how He wants us to be. He also formed us before we ever knew we would exist. He created us in our mother’s womb. And after birth, it doesn’t stop there… He’s continuing to knit our hearts.

I don’t think it would have been possible for a lot of reasons. First off, He sent His only son, to die on the cross so we had a reason to bear His name. A part of me is going… “Ouch!” But the other part of me sees the love God has for us.

I was reading Exodus the other day and reading the conversation between God and Moses. Not really sure why but I love reading the conversations they have. When God asked Moses to go to the Pharaoh and perform all of these miracles, Moses was resistant because he couldn’t speak well. Then God basically told him; didn’t I design you for a very purpose, even though you or others cannot speak, hear or see?

In the end, it’s not about us. God already designed us for a very specific purpose. And all I can say is, “Only God.”

Do you think God designed you for a purpose? If so, what are other passages that help remind you of that?


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