Poser, composer and treasures!

During the one year read, I find it amazing that no matter how many times I read something from the Bible, I’m blown away. Sometimes it won’t impact me the first time, or second time. Sometimes the same translation doesn’t make sense but when I read it in another, I suddenly relate to it or see the point of the story.

I’ve been reading up on Exodus (my second time this year). I love the conversations between Moses and God and seeing how far God is willing to take us to have Himself revealed in all He does. And of course, you cannot underestimate the power of God.

It opened up the question of what it means to be a poser or if we’re really composers of God.

According to google dictionary, a poser is someone who acts in an affected manner in order to impress others. A composer is someone who writes music professionally or is an author. Are we the kind of people, especially in our culture where we are constantly attempting to reveal ourselves through others only to find that it’s not really who they are simply because they are dying to be the center of your attention?

What does it mean to die for God’s attention? What does it even mean to be real with God when we speak to Him in our prayers? Jesus carried the cross so we wouldn’t have to take it up on a daily basis. But Jesus also died on that cross so we could take it up for Him and bear his name.

We all know the story of when Moses finally freed his people, but did they believe in God at first? Just like the Pharaoh. But then God protected them on the way out, even though He lead them in a direction that was longer and required fighting a battle but God didn’t want them to see them fight day in and day out, which is why the long way was taken to escape. On the way, God proved by pushing up the walls of the ocean and lead them to the other side. When He closed the door on the enemy, they died one by one and their bodies arrived on shore – all because they choose not to believe, choose not to allow the people to worship their God. Only then, those freed found true freedom in slavery and in God when they realized His power to not only fight but to protect.

So, if you’re one of those people who is constantly questioning the power of God and not already believing or allowing others to not believe, perhaps you’re a poser because you’re attempting to just impress others by what you know.

If you read Proverbs, God wants you to be a composer. Someone who’s willing to believe in who His is. Paul in the New Testament talks about how to have faith yet work in God so He could be glorified.

From my heart: I confess that occasionally I know more than I reveal. But my heart is constantly hungry and thirsty for wanting to know more of God.

Proverbs 2:3-5 talks about how God asks us to search for Him and once we do, we’ll understand and you will be given the treasures of what God wants to give you.

That alone reveals to me that God treasures me already, but He has more!

Questions to ask and answer:

What does it mean to die?
Are you a poser or a composer?
What kind of treasures are you seeking?


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