Dipping your toes in water

Drawn on my mac pad.

Jesus and Peter went fishing one day (in our culture, maybe drinking beer) while chatting.

Suddenly, Jesus tells Peter to get out of the boat and go ‘on’ water.

What was his purpose of telling Peter to do that? Peter couldn’t even swim and yet, Jesus told him to go in the water. After much debate, he decided to go in the water but almost drowned, but it was only because of his lack of faith. Jesus encouraged Peter to come up and trust him. When he wouldn’t, Jesus stepped out of the boat and showed him what faith could do by walking on water.

As far as I know, pretty much everyone is like that. No one trusts Jesus when he says to walk on water until something major. But you have to remember, Jesus did not intend for us to drown. He intended for us to trust him.

What we should do:
Dip your toes in water before going in. Asking tough questions is ok, it’s a natural to ask before taking the leap.

Once you have confirmed your faith, walk, or if you’re a big risk taker like some people, take a chance and run, on the water. If you have no doubts, no fear; you have nothing else to lose.

A few weeks ago, I was on the playground chasing a couple of girls. The playground had a fake, rubber rock. I allowed my slight fear of heights take over instead of trusting God to keep me from falling, so I decided to climb down instead of over the rock. I’m not afraid of falling but afraid nothing will catch me if I do. And I’m a girl who loves to hike up in the¬†mountains and can cross rocks, even if it means falling, but I can’t cross fake ones.

I’m a lot like Peter, I’ll listen but I don’t always do. What about you? Are you the same?


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