The Real Church

For the past year and a half, I’ve been working through the Gallaudet Campus Ministries as an independent missionary. I’ve been met with multitudes of challenges unexpectedly but also learned what a real church means. 

There is a difference between the and a church. A church is the general definition that people are the most familiar with: a place of worship. Where a community of people look to seek and grow as they follow a leader. But the church is more about the people. The community of people that is reached out, enabling them to grow together. Sometimes it just two people, sometimes it’s a mass group of people.

Recently, I went to Rochester Institute of Technology. From there, I became aware of what Gallaudet University was lacking in campus ministry. Besides all of the red tape (what happened to separation of church & state?)  We realized the need to be connected. Because the deaf community is so much smaller, compared to the hearing community, we were required to question why we didn’t connect before.

When returning back to D.C., I began to pray about what I learned. If you read what Paul wrote in his letters to the churches, especially Corinthians. He also sent people in times of need. Rather it was to make sure they were doing the right things or encouraging them. Through these letters, I discovered Paul’s gift as an exhorter. How can we do the same? How can we encourage and give godly advice in dire times of need? The answer: prayer.



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