Keep going… and there will be light

As an independent missionary for almost two years, I believed I found myself to the end of this season. It’s time for me to move on… or so I thought!

A group of us traveled a couple weeks ago up north to Mercer, Penn., Rochester, New York and New Jersey. It was one of the best trips I’ve taken (minus Uganda) bringing me closer to God and the people I was with. Towards the end of the trip, I had a decision to make about doing more mission work. 

And say to Archippus, “Be sure to carry out the ministry the Lord gave you.”
-Colossians 4:17

What does it mean to carry out the ministry that God wants me to? What does it mean for you as Paul encourages the churches to keep going in difficult times? Or times you don’t feel prepared for missions?



2 thoughts on “Keep going… and there will be light

  1. I think if we only did the work the Lord called us to do when it was easy, it would never get done. Ministry is especially difficult at times. It takes a lot of prayer, wisdom, and discernment to know when you should stay and when you should move on. Unfortunately, the presence of difficulty is usually not the best indicator.
    Ministry, for a long time, has very much been results driven. I’ve seen a lot of people get burned out because they didn’t think they were seeing the results (numbers) they should have been. However, I like to relate ministry to the harvest. Like any crop, someone has to plant, someone has to water, someone has to weed, someone has to prune, and someone has to harvest. The key is knowing at which step God has placed you (either for a particular season or for a lifetime).
    I’ve also seen in my own parents’ lives that sometimes there isn’t a clear directive from God which way we should go. I think sometimes God is more interested in our hearts and our trust in Him than the actual decision. I think He’s far more interested in the process–He is more interested in you being intentional in your decision making than you making the “right” decision.

    1. If anyone thinks the work Christians do in ministry do is easy, they are not doing what God is asking them to. And yes, ministry can be difficult – I have yet to encounter anyone who has not met any challenges in their ministry. I’ve met more who have given up than not.
      I’ve met people who have given up, they don’t feel fulfilled for whatever the reason is. Only God knows. Numbers have a lot to do with it, if they make it all about numbers. Funny you mentioned this because there was a recent discussion but then I started to look at some of the stories of how Jesus taught. It wasn’t by counting numbers (unless it was significant: like 5,000)! For example: the story of the party when Jesus was invited and no one wanted to come. What did Jesus do? He sent out his disciples to invite them to a party and then share the Gospel. Emphasizing the word invitation. (Luke 14)
      People who do ministry might get this but others might have a bigger vision. But sometimes you have to start with the basics and the foundation first before you reach the bigger vision God has given you. And you’re right, about harvesting. It’s a process! Or even waiting for the tree to grow to become fruitful.
      He is more interested in our hearts. He wants us to come closer to Him. But He also delights when we obey. He always knows where we’re going and knows we’ll find a way to get back on track.

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