I spent the greater year getting involved in Human Trafficking causes, not just to learn but be active about what I learn and what I could do. But my skills and knowledge only limited my ability to work with those in human trafficking. Sure, it’s easy to post a blog or say something on Facebook; but is it enough? This week it occurred me what the difference was between mission and causes.

Missions is acting on what you believe and causes is to simply promote what you believe. Missions is meant to be carried out once you establish some kind of goal. Not that I didn’t know the difference before, but as many of us donate to causes all over the world, are we really taking action to fight for injustice in the world? What does it mean to take action to fight for the injustice? I have a love/hate relationship with Facebook and Twitter… it’s great to post info about our beliefs but most of us are just talk and don’t act on it.

It’s important to know the reasons we  should be pursuing our missions in life too. Missions is meant to make sacrifices, not for just ourselves or others but also for the sake of God. If we make sacrifices in missions, we must do it joyfully, intentionally and purposefully;  not as a sense of duty. Not just with human trafficking, but also with diseases, disabilities, poverty and so forth.

What can you do to make injustice an action and not just a goal? Start by praying (which is a verb) and is intended for action. Then do what God leads you to do.


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