Praying for rain!

Wow, I haven’t been posting much as of late, and for that, I apologize  But I do want to take the time to explain the recent events happening.

1) Decision to continue ministry
About two years ago, I had decided to come to D.C. because God was poking me after writing my capstone paper about the Deaf community. Before leaving, I know it was going to be a two year commitment. Now it is wrapped up for the summer, I had a decision to make about the next step.

It became clear that after receiving confirmation and studying up on what it means to do ministry. Paul talked about the importance of starting a ministry. Once you start, you should continue. Even if it is in another location. So, with that said – I made the decision to join ASL Discipleship Training School, which is through Youth with a Mission.

Why am I joining?

If you have ever been in a dark and unreached place, it can be very challenging and daunting, especially as an independent missionary. I spent the last two years working to build relationships with students and staff at Gallaudet University. Joining the ASL DTS will enable me to connect with a community desiring to connect with the deaf community with God as well as continuing to develop a relationship with Him. It’s time I work to nurture my soul with a little bit more training and into more challenging places that has never been reached besides Gallaudet. This is a six month training school with three months focused on lecture and the second three months doing outreach, wherever our team is called to. If you are interested in helping me fund this (which costs $7,000) please contact me at and I can tell you what you can do. I’m also in search for a digital SRL Camera within budget or donation based.

2) A few weeks ago, a team called Kona came to D.C. as a part of their outreach. They aimed to worked at the local Universities  including George Washington University and Howard University. Gallaudet University definitely challenged many of the Kona students and two of the fifteen made a decision to stay on as YWAM staff for the ASL DTS. But while they were here, they joined in our regular prayer/worship meetings on Mondays. We taught them American Sign Language and also practiced sharing the Gospel. When they came for outreach week, we did evangelism with them. We would set up the tables in the Student Academic Center with multiple questions that people could answer, starting with if they knew Jesus to asking if they could find one word to describe themselves they believe God would tell them if they encountered Him. After that, people were free to take a little something sweet. This was in hopes to engage them in conversations, opening up to questions and then inviting them to worship night every night of the week with both Gallaudet and Kona students leading.

Discovering the gift of joy...
Discovering the gift of joy…

Each night was different. One night was about asking the Holy Spirit in us so we would be able to speak in tongues. While I did not have the opportunity to experience this, I was instead given the gift of joy. Realizing later that joy was something lacking on campus and God wanted me to see and find a way how to bring it back. I’ve never really experienced pure Joy up until the last year.

Another night we had an open discussion about what everyone on the Kona team had been experiencing as well as students at Gallaudet who had questions from other students they could not answer and the Kona team answered in in the best way they could.

We also spent some time in prayer for each individual to allow God to impact the campus. At some point, one of the students felt compelled to prophecy for the group he was in. Other people who were done with their group came wandering over. It was definitely a feat to watch! Towards the end of the week, the Kona team worked on a worship song and shared it with us. With a combination of different cultures included and using Sign Language and gestures to express their love for God on the campus.

Having witnessed revival for the first time since my arrival on campus has definitely given me some perspective on being a missionary and having continuous faith to stay to see the beginning of what God has to offer. For that, I couldn’t be more thankful for having the opportunity to witness God’s work first hand. He’s definitely worth praising!

Praying for rain: I started praying for rain over two years ago for the Deaf community. You can’t expect something to grow without having the resources it needs. Praying in the circle has become very significant in terms of trusting God to provide, even if it takes time. When it finally does rain, it becomes one of the most beautiful things and can be ready for harvest in time. Join with me in this prayer for rain.


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