Wedding vows

This week has been amazingly overwhelming. I recently moved into the Embassy Church on Embassy Row, which enables us to pray more about our upcoming decision to go to Israel in the coming months. I love that we have to compromise over the two showers available to 30 people. Including students and staff. There is nothing better than simply appreciating a quick shower after a run in the morning. 

During orientation, we were told they had came up with an idea of doing wedding vows so we would be encouraged to follow our promises to God. Yes, we’ve given our life to God; yes, we were baptized and even in the Holy Spirit. But do we consider ourselves completely and intimate with God? We’ve even had discussions about sex, and while it’s a taboo subject when it comes to Jesus, it’s not about that. It’s about the deep, intimacy level we had. Where we are willing to be transformed and be much more like him (or in other words, be transformed and become reproductive for him). Crazy, right? But, such a great idea. Feel free to comment if you disagree or see it another way.

But back to what I wanted to talk about, we would be given a ring in which says. “I am my beloved and my beloved is mine.” The other half is translated into Hebrew. To know Jesus is not just my savior or the one who died on the cross to save us but also came back to life for us, it’s more than that. He didn’t just give us the Holy Spirit to simply be humble for the rest of our lives, he wanted us to be transformed and intimate with him. 

I wrote out my wedding vows, each one of us wrote something and each one was different but all come to same conclusion of welcoming Jesus into deep abyss of our lives. Image

As I run into the woods, I see a bright light shining on the other side.
All I can do it run to it
My curiosity begs me
I begin to need to catch my breath, so I rest
I sat on the rock and nearby located a stream and retrieved some water to quench my thirst
I get up and keep going towards the bright light; seeking for your face
Thorns from the bushes began wounding my sides
I stop to wipe away the blood and allow them to be healed
I keep running towards the light
Day becomes night
The sun goes down and the moon rises giving away it’s light
Wolves began to come at me, you send a predator prying for his pray to come and take them away
The sun rises and birds fill the air with your awakening song
The light is still shining as I press on
You gave me sweet berries to give me strength
But they stained my lips red
I find flowers as I get closer to the light, and wedge them in between my hair and ear
Showing the beauty and providing the fragrance you love
I keep running towards the light and I finally see your face
You hold out your hands and reach out
You say, “Come, and I will give you everlasting life and love”
My beloved, I am always with you, giving you streams of water, light, food healing and beauty. No matter where you go, I am always walking besides you. And no matter what you do, I will always love you.”
I reach over and take his hand and with the red stained lips, I give a gentle kiss

I wake up and realize that it has all been just a dream, but it puts a smile on my face as I know my beloved is with me

I promise to seek your beauty, I promise to praise you in all you do, I promise to declare love but not just through words but also action
I promise to seek your knowledge and counsel, I promise to let you guide me by the hand as well as the Holy Spirit
I promise to let you heal me, even when I’m stubborn
I promise to let you take the wheel and drive me
I promise to let you give water, so I will never be thirsty again
I promise to love you first, as you have always loved me



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