If you’re a star-gazer, this might be for you. Have you ever visited the Universe (I don’t mean the alienated form)? Have you ever wondered so much what the heavens was like, you had no choice but wanted to explore the Universe? Like Galileo, who invented the telescope because his intention was to not just explore space, but find the heavens only to discover there was more than just to the Earth. He identified multiple objects in space that only the naked eye could find. It later became widely known for the Milky Way.

Upon this discovery this weekend while visiting Air & Space Museum in D.C., I realized just how much God manifests Himself in us and too often we don’t realize it. We miss out on so many opportunities to know Him.

For example: last night, during ministry night, there was a lack of communication between several students causing a disruption in the prayer room. I left and missed out on the opportunity to see what happened but I had the opportunity to hear others discuss the rules of the prayer room. We eventually did and came to the conclusion we all made mistakes. But we moved on from our failures. But what if we missed an opportunity to be ministered to by God during that time because of the distraction? We miss out on an opportunity to experience His Kingdom. But then I realized, God manifested Himself in our when we had to learn how to minister to each other by admitting our mistakes and asking forgiveness… now that is experiencing God’s Kingdom.  

Have you ever saw God manifest in your life as you experience His Kingdom to the point where you almost missed it? God is so good when we finally see what we need to.


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