When death takes me apart

I can’t even begin to tell you how humiliating it is to see someone’s lips black after having to drink charcoal vs. having their stomach pumped (which is painful). No one will tell you, because when you look in the mirror, it will intentionally petrify you not to do it again.  

People are either dying or wanting to die every single day. Thinking it’s the end of the world. Shockingly, over 30,000 Americans lose their life to suicide annually because greater measures were not taken to save them. A friend of mine took his own life just a few years ago and left many of us devastated. How could we have prevented it? 

But I also know the truth: Jesus was sent so we could have eternal life with our heavenly Father, not to allow Satan to steal, kill and destroy. When I face the ultimate reality of what eternal life really means; I simply overflow with joy as I know my Father sees me more than just a servant on this earth. I don’t just want to be a doer, failing to see what He really wants: love.  



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