Every voice

Deaf Culture, I think is complicated. It demands you know who you are, even when you don’t. People are literally declared dead or alive in deafness based on how you speak and the pride you show for your community. But it’s never about humbling yourself to the fullest potential.

I was born deaf. I started going to a signer and oral school for half a year before transferring to mainstream school. In third grade, I attended a deaf institution until seventh grade.  I left the deaf school for many reasons. But when coming to Washington, D.C. to be an independent missionary and then joining Youth With A Mission, it has become clear of my calling.

I realized, if I want to heed to my calling to bring the Kingdom on Earth, it requires use of my voice. I am not talking about as a Deaf woman. I am speaking on as a Daughter of God. Using my voice by using all means necessary. The use of my hands, my vocal cords and sometimes my ears.

Many people think Cochlear Implants are a curse, because it takes something away from the deaf community, but to God, it’s a blessing in disguise. God intended the implant to be used for far more than what the world has been offering. If it something as simple as hearing the fall leaves crunching beneath my feet and show pure joy, then the job of His creation is accomplished. When I begin to spill words from my hands or mouth, telling someone a story of how my day went and included the simple sounds of crunching leaves, it’s designed to bring joy to others and more so with God.

That is Heaven on Earth.

When one dictates their culture upon others instead of sharing, it can prove to be destructive. Part of Heaven on Earth is to also honor those within the Kingdom. No matter where they are from or who they believe they are. It’s about what God designed us as.

P.S. I’m leaving for Israel from Nov. 8 to Dec. 10th. Please keep our team in prayer in the last part of our outreach.


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