The temple or gold?

Today, our culture is fixed. Once we’re decided in who we are, cultural trends tend to follow. Observing the impact of how Religion rules ones life, certainly proves my point. A few days ago, our team did a scavenger hunt and one of the point places was the Dome of Rock.

The original design for the Dome of Rock was a temple built for the Jewish in 691 CE but destroyed in 70 CE by the Romans. One of the main significance from the Roman siege, was a Jewish Rabbi instantly changed his faith to Islam. And of course, the devastation it bought on the Jewish and Christian community.

When our team arrived, we all felt compelled by the Holy Spirit to worship, say declarations and pray. Some of us walked about the Temple we were not allowed to enter, so we did a prayer walk around it. We all believe it will once again become a place of worship. And all will be free to enter. I believe it will be once again called the House of God.

Yesterday morning, some people from our team wanted to go to the Dome of Rock, however because of heightened security, it was closed off to the public. Riots were breaking out between the Jews and Muslims as the Jews are fighting to take back what they believe is rightfully theirs. According to a tour guide, at least for half of the land is what they are currently fighting over.

Here’s what I’m learning: religion sucks. Not that I didn’t know this before, but rules are imposed and the lines are often crossed. People hate and kill. Religion is often blown out of proportion and constant fighting happens.

Why God is so simple: He doesn’t require much. Yes, He established some laws and commandments for us to follow. Mostly to protect the people and make sure they are kept on track in following Him.

Why religion fails: Aside from the rules and regulations created by man and the hate and destruction it causes? It fails because people forget. They forget why God created them. They forget what He’s done for them. They forget the simplest and freest love they could ever receive.

Religion fails when idolization or unbelief take over. People believe the gold at the altar is more important than than the relationship God wants. I will personally take up the altar anytime, if it means having a relationship. The relationship with God fails if I find a replacement considered more important than God.

Which is more important, the temple where gold is laid or the gold itself? (Matt 23:16-22)



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