The responsibility of prayer

This isn’t going to be a post about how we need to pray daily. While we should, how about the discussion of how we pray corporately as a church or community and what it means to be unified in spirit?

This past week, a few things got heated up in our team. Touching some very sensitive spots in some of our lives as God goes to the core. Because of that, it disrupted the ability to have unity. You must understand, our community is doing a corporate fast for 45 days. One of my friends said, there are times when people can greatly impact  the presence of the Holy Spirit based on what’s happening in the room, including the lack of unity. His response gave me a revelation of how big of a responsibility unity has in the spirit. 

One testimony he shared was about how in his former school, when they prayed corporately, it was always very alive. But one night, people wanted to simply let the spirit work in them quietly. He had a difficult time with this and decided to pace back and forth and just speaking in the spirit. He attempted to go to the microphone and tell everyone they should get up and do the same. His brother came to the front and pretty much whispered and said, “no, leave it be.”

It was a revelation for him of how he wanted to do his own things, and disobeyed God. He humiliated himself as a result but it gave him a greater understanding of unity.

It’s easy to get caught up in our own mind. It’s easy to distance ourselves from what we think isn’t real and want to soak up God the way we want. But in reality, when there is a lack of unity when praying corporately, you begin to experience slumber in the spirit. That’s a huge responsibility but we are at greater risk of disobeying God.

When we come into unity together, we come to know the presence of the Holy Spirit and then intercession can run deep. 


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