Month: March 2014

This is my story…

My story isn’t quite as simple as I’d like to put it. Even though I am a person of few words as possible, I find the less, the better. Maybe it’s because I’m an INFJ. But our culture unfortunately demands to know more, want more, expect more but never appreciate our Creator.

The other day, we were having a discussion about gender difference. Women like communication and love (love is not a feeling) and men prefer honor and respect. It’s been this way since the beginning of time, when Eve attempted to ask Adam on his thoughts about eating the forbidden fruit, only for him to be passive and resulted in not only disobeying God’s smallest request. As a result, they were shamed out the Garden.

What does this say about our generation where apathy, passivity and humility are lacking in America?

Apathy is where we think of only our Kingdom, instead of the Kingdom God already built but we are responsible to help maintain, stewart and care for. That includes all of God’s creation.

Passivity is when someone makes a choice but is obviously disinterested in ‘manning up.’ Including women. Many people in our generation become afraid of one thing or another and decided not to do something, or rebellious.

Humility is lacking because in the American culture, we have the mind-set of performance based. We are expected to learn to perform and quickly. To become someone and make it our identity. Instead of honoring the original identity God already gave us. First and foremost as sons and daughters. Once we get past our experiences and intelligence, we are easily set free by the truth and humbled.

I can’t wait for the day where freedom rings for all.

Then Jesus said, “Come to me, all of you who are weary and carry heavy burdens, and I will give you rest.
-Matthew 11:28



Last night, a group of us went to see ‘Son of God.’ We all left with mixed feelings about the film as we discussed how it portrayed the Bible or how it may have not. As Christians, we’re hungry to find more Jesus films in which is proportioned to the Gospel. As deaf people, we become easily thrilled when it’s on film because of how visual we are.

One of the things we discussed was John 18:15-27. When Peter denied Jesus three times before the rooster crowed. In the film, the rooster crowing wasn’t mentioned. But it made me question how we, as human beings, are actually just like Peter.

That’s right, we are deniers, just like Peter in more ways than we realize. Have you ever found yourself being asked by your faith, only to realize later how you wished you told them you were a Christian or share a testimony that was burning on your heart. 

Confession: Even though my family knows I’m a missionary, I don’t typically share the Gospel with them. When I do, they think I’m just some Bible thumper, preaching the news like…


If you really think I walk around with a sign over my head, then you may need to reevaluate Christianity. I can tell you I’m not a Crusader, although, I admit I’ve had my moments with trying to share the Gospel. I’m a walking Church, I simply want to share what God has on His heart.

Many people don’t understand what it means to live a lifestyle of a missionary. Some people don’t believe I’m doing doing anything worthy of the world to put a roof over my head. The reality sinks in when I try to share why I do what I do and end up giving up because nothing I say, seems effective. I deny the Gospel when I give up trying to share it with people, like my own family. It’s not as drastic as when Peter was asked three times and proven when the rooster crowed. But it’s enough because the Holy Spirit grieves when I miss a perfect opportunity to share what God’s doing.

The film encouraged me to reevaluate why and what Peter did. Will this encourage me to share the Gospel, knowing when I don’t share, I miss out on an opportunity?

The heart of Paul

Paul is one of my favorite writers, missionary, activist and intercessor. He helped plant many of the first century churches and ministered to so many people in his lifetime. He’s one of the few people who changed in such a short time. How can we strive to be like him that demonstrates much of Jesus’ love?

Unlike Jesus, Paul sinned. He was far from perfect. But he wasn’t afraid to run to God in his struggles. When he wrote to Timothy in Romans, he expressed his heart of desiring to reach the unreached. This was the perfect reminder of why I’m a missionary. We’re called to go to places (uncharted waters) and share the Gospel. If we limit ourselves to what they world offers us, then it’s really easy to miss out.

Our Youth With A Mission (YWAM DC) base has been participating in 45 Breakthrough, where we’ve been praying for muslim nations. A part of it requires we participating in priestly hours in the Washington House of Prayer. Where we spend an hour or more each day in the prayer room. My prayer watch has been from 6-7 a.m. Just before sunrise. In the past few days, God has been challenging me to go further in what I’m being called to.

I’ve been reminded to go to the heart of dark places to spread the Gospels. At this point in my walk, I know I’m not quite ready. But when God challenges me to read and prayer over unreached places, I get excited and ask for more. America is in the top ten unreached locations but it’s only because of secularism, legalism and  performance-mind set. We have yet to be free from this.

As for other nations, it will a different story. It’s all about history, religion, politics. Love and hate, which has been a never ending story. But the story of Jesus will not just be the beginning and the ending of a story, but an everlasting story. I hope one day, this becomes the story for the heavens to shout over. Let me go to uncharted waters, God!