Last night, a group of us went to see ‘Son of God.’ We all left with mixed feelings about the film as we discussed how it portrayed the Bible or how it may have not. As Christians, we’re hungry to find more Jesus films in which is proportioned to the Gospel. As deaf people, we become easily thrilled when it’s on film because of how visual we are.

One of the things we discussed was John 18:15-27. When Peter denied Jesus three times before the rooster crowed. In the film, the rooster crowing wasn’t mentioned. But it made me question how we, as human beings, are actually just like Peter.

That’s right, we are deniers, just like Peter in more ways than we realize. Have you ever found yourself being asked by your faith, only to realize later how you wished you told them you were a Christian or share a testimony that was burning on your heart. 

Confession: Even though my family knows I’m a missionary, I don’t typically share the Gospel with them. When I do, they think I’m just some Bible thumper, preaching the news like…


If you really think I walk around with a sign over my head, then you may need to reevaluate Christianity. I can tell you I’m not a Crusader, although, I admit I’ve had my moments with trying to share the Gospel. I’m a walking Church, I simply want to share what God has on His heart.

Many people don’t understand what it means to live a lifestyle of a missionary. Some people don’t believe I’m doing doing anything worthy of the world to put a roof over my head. The reality sinks in when I try to share why I do what I do and end up giving up because nothing I say, seems effective. I deny the Gospel when I give up trying to share it with people, like my own family. It’s not as drastic as when Peter was asked three times and proven when the rooster crowed. But it’s enough because the Holy Spirit grieves when I miss a perfect opportunity to share what God’s doing.

The film encouraged me to reevaluate why and what Peter did. Will this encourage me to share the Gospel, knowing when I don’t share, I miss out on an opportunity?


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