Pull in the reins

I love how God has been working and sometimes in unpredictable and unexpected ways. One of the things I’ve learned in the past few months is how important is to remember of how we respond to God.

Yesterday, the secretary of the church of where I reside in came upstairs during lunch and asked if someone who knew signs from the YWAM team and talk to a deaf man in their office. I decided to go, figured he probably needed something. I spoke with him and found he has sickle-cell disease and just moved. I felt sympathetic and wished I could help more but started with a relationship.

I asked how he found the place. We usually invite people we know; his response?

“I was on the bus back to Maryland and noticed this particular church and decided to check it out,” Keith said.

It may not make sense if you’ve never been to this church, but there are about 4 churches on the same block and he decides to pick this church to walk in.

Unquestionable, I knew it was a divine appointment of God wanting to do something. There are not many churches with deaf ministries in D.C. and he just happened to pick Embassy Church. When he shared his heart, and asked for money. I asked if he was a believer and he said yes. I told him I would be more than happy to pray with him. We prayed for healing, finding employment and that God would provide the funds for his medical needs. I managed to ask for his contact info.

Today, I shared my testimony in the Washington House of Prayer meeting and I realized how important this was. Often, as disciples, we find ourselves running after people. Seeking for someone to share the word of God to anyone the Holy Spirit leads us to but yesterday, was the complete opposite. God drew this lost man into His house and called him to come and be prayed for. It’s really encouraging for our base and also for me. I love that God gets all the glory in this because it’s who He is. It’s a matter of how we respond to Him.

I could have advised the secretary of the church to turn him away but I didn’t. Maybe it was curiosity but I think God picked that specific moment before I decided to hit the showers to be called. I won’t question it but be expectant in everything He has to offer. 

If I didn’t respond to Him, I would have missed an opportunity to pray for him. If I didn’t respond to Him, I would have missed out on what God could do for this man. If I didn’t respond to Him, I would have never known how amazing and miraculous He is. Can you respond the same?


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