Month: May 2014

Here tonight and gone tomorrow!

Just a few hours after sunrise tomorrow morning, our Burning Embers team of eight be hitting the road with our first stop being in Lancaster, PA. We’ll be spending a couple of days hanging out with the folks at the First Deaf Mennonite Church and we’re also thrilled to see what God is going to do in terms of speaking to us through Loren Cunningham and other well known speakers at the Catch the Wave Circuit Rider Conference

We’ll come back to D.C. for Saturday night and then hit the road once again before we head out to Richmond, VA and then continue through 25 states before reaching our final destination in Mercer, PA before heading back to D.C. for debrief. We’ll be connecting with churches and deaf ministries across the country and also serving in World Deaf Assemblies of God Conference as well as helping out at a deaf camp in Indiana. We’ll have multiple opportunities to present the stage of God’s message through drama. Some are funny, touching and meant to make you think about your relationship with God one way or another. Burning Embers is designed to ignite the heart and B.E. who you’re called to be: adopted sons and daughters. 

This is a season where there will be full of surprises, challenges, grace, love and so much more. We’re all here tonight but gone tomorrow and ready to ignite the embers which have been burning.  

Will keep you all posted along the way of all the things God is doing and don’t be afraid to stop by


The Oil

Too often, we find ourselves wondering about how far and deep with are with God. Some of us go deeper in our quiet times and some of us go deeper when we’re being fed through impartation of knowledge. Some of us go deeper when we lead or preach and some of us go deep when we intercede. The question of finding the balance or the fine line is important in our daily Christian walk. 

What makes us have an intimate relationship with God and how do we go about it to get there? Matthew 25:1-13 is one of the few parables showing how to do deep with God, but knowing you have to be the one to do the work. The Oil is the Holy Spirit. The ten virgin bridesmaids had a relationship with God, but when some foolish bridesmaids began asking for more oil, the door gets shut on them. They don’t steward their oil so they could keep on burning. 

There’s a time and place for church, but there’s a reason why people say the church is not limited to a building to be fed. In order to be fed and kept on fire with the Lord, we must be willing to go to the secret place. What does that mean? It means finding time in your daily walk. If we limit God to only on Sunday, we’ll never grow. If we limit God to a building, we’ll be constantly hungry. If we limit God to the sky, we’ll never be satisfied with the world. 

Quiet times are important to me daily. Just an hour, sometimes more will help feed my hungry soul and quench my thirst by the end of the day as I crawl into bed because I’ve gone to the secret place and contemplated everything. I’ve asked God for the oil and to come fill me. I cannot expect people to impart knowledge in order for me to grow and depend on it. I must be willing to go above and beyond to behind closed doors and know my Heavenly Father. I know in our modern day culture, we’re filled with many things to do. There’s a small solution to the problem and it’s simply to find the time. If that means investing an extra hour of our waking day to fill our souls, then we will be able to do the work God has called us to with much fulfillment.  

I know I will personally get burned out if I don’t go to the secret place and spend time with Him. 

Here’s a video of Fill me by Jesus Culture.


I love breaks, I love being able to catch up with the latest. Or hang out with my friends, especially when we both have super busy schedules. I’m amazingly blessed to catch up on much needed rest and yes, sometimes I work a little bit too.

This week, I went to the Library and decided to watch some documentaries. As a human being, I love keeping fresh insight on life and challenging myself with the truth. I decided to watch a two and a half hour long documentary called, The Lake of Fire. Where the idea of abortion is seen in pro-life and pro-choicers.

My mind was blown away when I realized the consequences of Roe vs. Wade. When I realized how people respond and perhaps how I respond to it as well. I sobbed when I heard Norma McCovery’s testimony. Norma was one of the women who participated in the Roe vs. Wade trail. She had falsely claimed she was raped and wanted an abortion. She never did and ended up giving birth and giving up the child for adoption. It wasn’t until later she realized the burden she was carrying for long and the idea of millions of babies being murdered every year. She began to befriend people who moved in next door: Operation Rescue. They bought her to the cross, where she was able to lift her burden and give her life to Christ. It’s not everyday someone would be willing to do such a thing. 

I am challenged to consider the kind of God we have. Our God is just, which means He (not us) will be the one to judge those accordingly. It is not our responsibility to take on the burden of others but it is our responsibility to come before God and repent. In the documentary, it was reported of several doctors who worked in clinics and lives being taken by an extreme fundamentalist Christian who claimed, God told him to do it. In 2 Thess 1:6-9, it clearly states God is simply just. 

In Matthew 11:30, Jesus says his yoke is easy and burdens are light. Which means we are not intended to carry such a responsibility. I’m thankful I don’t have to carry the years of responsibility and weight on my shoulders. It would bare to be too painful and I, myself would even consider alternative ways to cope.

My next question was, what kind of a Christian am I? Am I cultic Christian? Condemning? Hateful? Bigot? I really hope none of them, but the truth of God’s word is simply there to pave the way for my life, both on earth and in heaven. It’s completely up to the person to decide their fate. On earth, we only have two responsibilities: to love God and others and to put on my armor and show the light. On earth, the battle must be won. 

What saying “no” means

This season has been really challenging me and I honestly don’t even know what to call this season of my life. I had to go see a doctor this week and was told I had a sectia injury resulting from a hard fall I took a couple of weeks ago while hiking the Billy Goat trail. 

With some R & R and a little bit of light stretching, I should be back up in no time. Our team had planned to go backpacking this weekend for a couple of days in the Appalachian Mountains, starting in Hapers Ferry in WV. The doctor said if it still hurts, don’t go. But if you feel confident and it doesn’t hurt, go for it. 

I woke up this morning, walked around for a bit and decided on a firm but sad, no. The Arizonian in me is itching to get out and go hiking for a day or two, but my body is yelling, “I will really despise you and make you miserable if you go!” I thought and prayed through it and realized as much as it sucks, it will be worth staying behind. 

Our B.E. tour is about three weeks away, and I need to be physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually prepared. This trip will be challenging in all the walks of life. And I know there will be plenty of, “Jesus, Jesus, Jesus!” moments where it’s all I can say.  Learning to say no in obvious and unhealthy situations; is simple obedience. But with wisdom and grace, anything is possible.

Healing will come quick!

What 24 hours of praying taught me

This weekend was the second 24 hour prayer and fast at Gallaudet in the last two years. Only this time, with a community support. But it wasn’t what I was expecting. God taught me to allow the Holy Spirit to lead.

A few months ago during YWAM’s Breakthrough, God had shown me several times about the House of Prayer. Every time, I would ask what He wanted me to do with the idea of House of Prayer specifically. It always circled around Gallaudet. One weekend, there was a University gather happening at Embassy Church where various of Universities from the D.C. area and east coast gather to learn more about God. I was challenged to pray and ask God for His permission slip. Before I even started, I already had received a vision of a candle. He already knew I wanted to ask about the 24 hour prayer and fast at Gallaudet and he approved it with a burning candle (oil that lasts). It was His promise. All I had to do was, respond.

After much prayer and planning, it kicked off this weekend. Stations were set up to keep the oil burning in those 24 hours. Receiving revelation and keeping my eyes wide open. I admit to falling asleep for four hours, but I’ve learned as long as you wake up and say, “Amen!” Your prayer still counts.

We had several students and a Chaplin walk in to pray either on their own or joined up corporately. We heard their cries and we grieved with them.

In the very last hour, we gathered corporately. But when I walked in, we were kind of teasing at some point about the circle in the ceiling and decided to sit underneath the circle and simply pray. Two years ago, God gave me a revelation of an oasis in which people would come to Gallaudet and drink the spiritual water and know God. The reminder came during Breakthrough 45, I felt He wanted me to continue to pray over that. If you looked in the middle of the circle, you can see a fire alarm and a water sprinkler. Our ministry recently changed the name to Burning Embers, we believe it’s a prophetic sign from God confirming our ministry and what God’s doing on the campus.

Here are some things we prayed about and how you can pray:

-Thomas H. Gallaudet’s heart for the deaf community was to simply have access to a language that allowed them to know God. He journeyed to Europe and discovered sign language. Sign language began to develop in the United States and gave access to the deaf for the first time. We prayed this would be remembered as the original design for the deaf community’s language as well as Gallaudet University as it also taught them productive skills.

– Gallaudet’s Watchtower; people used to be able to climb up and pray over Gallaudet, but because of people not respecting the Watchtower, it was later prohibited from entering. Students will attempt to climb on the room to enter into the Tower. We would like permission to enter and pray from the top.

– To clean the bad spirits lingering around campus in which was hindering God from being able to do things.

-For students and staff who are Christians to step up and take the lead. Many people are hiding because of the fears of their peers. Religion doesn’t play well on the campus.

– Churches to come into partnership and help students step up. Make churches more inviting for them.

– Open a deaf church in the Washington, D.C. area. There are currently no deaf churches but churches who have deaf ministries.


I’m really grateful to be able to lead this. It’s a privilege to allow the Holy Spirit to do things, to encourage our team and encourage each one of us individually. If there is anything I’ve learned the most about the Holy Spirit, you must be intentional. Leading a prayer room is not easy but if you come with an open heart and an open mind, the Holy Spirit will do the rest.