What 24 hours of praying taught me

This weekend was the second 24 hour prayer and fast at Gallaudet in the last two years. Only this time, with a community support. But it wasn’t what I was expecting. God taught me to allow the Holy Spirit to lead.

A few months ago during YWAM’s Breakthrough, God had shown me several times about the House of Prayer. Every time, I would ask what He wanted me to do with the idea of House of Prayer specifically. It always circled around Gallaudet. One weekend, there was a University gather happening at Embassy Church where various of Universities from the D.C. area and east coast gather to learn more about God. I was challenged to pray and ask God for His permission slip. Before I even started, I already had received a vision of a candle. He already knew I wanted to ask about the 24 hour prayer and fast at Gallaudet and he approved it with a burning candle (oil that lasts). It was His promise. All I had to do was, respond.

After much prayer and planning, it kicked off this weekend. Stations were set up to keep the oil burning in those 24 hours. Receiving revelation and keeping my eyes wide open. I admit to falling asleep for four hours, but I’ve learned as long as you wake up and say, “Amen!” Your prayer still counts.

We had several students and a Chaplin walk in to pray either on their own or joined up corporately. We heard their cries and we grieved with them.

In the very last hour, we gathered corporately. But when I walked in, we were kind of teasing at some point about the circle in the ceiling and decided to sit underneath the circle and simply pray. Two years ago, God gave me a revelation of an oasis in which people would come to Gallaudet and drink the spiritual water and know God. The reminder came during Breakthrough 45, I felt He wanted me to continue to pray over that. If you looked in the middle of the circle, you can see a fire alarm and a water sprinkler. Our ministry recently changed the name to Burning Embers, we believe it’s a prophetic sign from God confirming our ministry and what God’s doing on the campus.

Here are some things we prayed about and how you can pray:

-Thomas H. Gallaudet’s heart for the deaf community was to simply have access to a language that allowed them to know God. He journeyed to Europe and discovered sign language. Sign language began to develop in the United States and gave access to the deaf for the first time. We prayed this would be remembered as the original design for the deaf community’s language as well as Gallaudet University as it also taught them productive skills.

– Gallaudet’s Watchtower; people used to be able to climb up and pray over Gallaudet, but because of people not respecting the Watchtower, it was later prohibited from entering. Students will attempt to climb on the room to enter into the Tower. We would like permission to enter and pray from the top.

– To clean the bad spirits lingering around campus in which was hindering God from being able to do things.

-For students and staff who are Christians to step up and take the lead. Many people are hiding because of the fears of their peers. Religion doesn’t play well on the campus.

– Churches to come into partnership and help students step up. Make churches more inviting for them.

– Open a deaf church in the Washington, D.C. area. There are currently no deaf churches but churches who have deaf ministries.


I’m really grateful to be able to lead this. It’s a privilege to allow the Holy Spirit to do things, to encourage our team and encourage each one of us individually. If there is anything I’ve learned the most about the Holy Spirit, you must be intentional. Leading a prayer room is not easy but if you come with an open heart and an open mind, the Holy Spirit will do the rest.



2 thoughts on “What 24 hours of praying taught me

  1. That’s so awesome!! Have you read The Circle Maker by Mark Batterson? It will revolutionize the way you think about prayer. The death of a close friend’s dad showed me something awesome that I never did and that was to have a prayer journal. He had a prayer list that was a note pad that was 12 inches long and narrow and he had a list of all these names on it. He said at one point that he was uncertain if certain people on the list were still alive and yet he still prayed for them. I thought that was the most amazing thing I ever heard. He was a prayer warrior and the heart of a warrior is prayer. Keep writing awesome posts. 🙂

    1. David, yes! It’s an amazing book and helped me gain a better understanding of the power of prayer. Both for myself and corporately. In our society, we quit when things don’t go our way. But persistence is the key, it’s what God does when we preserve through the toughest part. Glad you read Mark’s book. I also attend some of his services and love what God does in his prayer life.

      Thanks for stopping by and checking out my blog and the comment, it was really encouraging! May the Lord bless you! 🙂

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