I love breaks, I love being able to catch up with the latest. Or hang out with my friends, especially when we both have super busy schedules. I’m amazingly blessed to catch up on much needed rest and yes, sometimes I work a little bit too.

This week, I went to the Library and decided to watch some documentaries. As a human being, I love keeping fresh insight on life and challenging myself with the truth. I decided to watch a two and a half hour long documentary called, The Lake of Fire. Where the idea of abortion is seen in pro-life and pro-choicers.

My mind was blown away when I realized the consequences of Roe vs. Wade. When I realized how people respond and perhaps how I respond to it as well. I sobbed when I heard Norma McCovery’s testimony. Norma was one of the women who participated in the Roe vs. Wade trail. She had falsely claimed she was raped and wanted an abortion. She never did and ended up giving birth and giving up the child for adoption. It wasn’t until later she realized the burden she was carrying for long and the idea of millions of babies being murdered every year. She began to befriend people who moved in next door: Operation Rescue. They bought her to the cross, where she was able to lift her burden and give her life to Christ. It’s not everyday someone would be willing to do such a thing. 

I am challenged to consider the kind of God we have. Our God is just, which means He (not us) will be the one to judge those accordingly. It is not our responsibility to take on the burden of others but it is our responsibility to come before God and repent. In the documentary, it was reported of several doctors who worked in clinics and lives being taken by an extreme fundamentalist Christian who claimed, God told him to do it. In 2 Thess 1:6-9, it clearly states God is simply just. 

In Matthew 11:30, Jesus says his yoke is easy and burdens are light. Which means we are not intended to carry such a responsibility. I’m thankful I don’t have to carry the years of responsibility and weight on my shoulders. It would bare to be too painful and I, myself would even consider alternative ways to cope.

My next question was, what kind of a Christian am I? Am I cultic Christian? Condemning? Hateful? Bigot? I really hope none of them, but the truth of God’s word is simply there to pave the way for my life, both on earth and in heaven. It’s completely up to the person to decide their fate. On earth, we only have two responsibilities: to love God and others and to put on my armor and show the light. On earth, the battle must be won. 


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