The Oil

Too often, we find ourselves wondering about how far and deep with are with God. Some of us go deeper in our quiet times and some of us go deeper when we’re being fed through impartation of knowledge. Some of us go deeper when we lead or preach and some of us go deep when we intercede. The question of finding the balance or the fine line is important in our daily Christian walk. 

What makes us have an intimate relationship with God and how do we go about it to get there? Matthew 25:1-13 is one of the few parables showing how to do deep with God, but knowing you have to be the one to do the work. The Oil is the Holy Spirit. The ten virgin bridesmaids had a relationship with God, but when some foolish bridesmaids began asking for more oil, the door gets shut on them. They don’t steward their oil so they could keep on burning. 

There’s a time and place for church, but there’s a reason why people say the church is not limited to a building to be fed. In order to be fed and kept on fire with the Lord, we must be willing to go to the secret place. What does that mean? It means finding time in your daily walk. If we limit God to only on Sunday, we’ll never grow. If we limit God to a building, we’ll be constantly hungry. If we limit God to the sky, we’ll never be satisfied with the world. 

Quiet times are important to me daily. Just an hour, sometimes more will help feed my hungry soul and quench my thirst by the end of the day as I crawl into bed because I’ve gone to the secret place and contemplated everything. I’ve asked God for the oil and to come fill me. I cannot expect people to impart knowledge in order for me to grow and depend on it. I must be willing to go above and beyond to behind closed doors and know my Heavenly Father. I know in our modern day culture, we’re filled with many things to do. There’s a small solution to the problem and it’s simply to find the time. If that means investing an extra hour of our waking day to fill our souls, then we will be able to do the work God has called us to with much fulfillment.  

I know I will personally get burned out if I don’t go to the secret place and spend time with Him. 

Here’s a video of Fill me by Jesus Culture.


5 thoughts on “The Oil

  1. Awesome, my mom mentioned that oil pour upon sheep’s forehead to get rid of bug. Oil protects our mind from evil thoughts. Therefore, we gotta keep stay close and getting oil from him! 😀

    1. Sounds about right. The more we go to God and not depend on others for God’s word and revival, the more we grow closer to the Lord. We have to be careful not to idolize other things. Like famous speakers or whatnot. They may have a good word to give, but will it feed you daily? The Oil can only come from the Lord.

      Thanks for stopping in! 🙂

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