Here tonight and gone tomorrow!

Just a few hours after sunrise tomorrow morning, our Burning Embers team of eight be hitting the road with our first stop being in Lancaster, PA. We’ll be spending a couple of days hanging out with the folks at the First Deaf Mennonite Church and we’re also thrilled to see what God is going to do in terms of speaking to us through Loren Cunningham and other well known speakers at the Catch the Wave Circuit Rider Conference

We’ll come back to D.C. for Saturday night and then hit the road once again before we head out to Richmond, VA and then continue through 25 states before reaching our final destination in Mercer, PA before heading back to D.C. for debrief. We’ll be connecting with churches and deaf ministries across the country and also serving in World Deaf Assemblies of God Conference as well as helping out at a deaf camp in Indiana. We’ll have multiple opportunities to present the stage of God’s message through drama. Some are funny, touching and meant to make you think about your relationship with God one way or another. Burning Embers is designed to ignite the heart and B.E. who you’re called to be: adopted sons and daughters. 

This is a season where there will be full of surprises, challenges, grace, love and so much more. We’re all here tonight but gone tomorrow and ready to ignite the embers which have been burning.  

Will keep you all posted along the way of all the things God is doing and don’t be afraid to stop by


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