About a year ago, I had a dream. At one point in the dream, the bottom of my feet had the word ‘atonement’ written. Sounds strange, right? Why in the word would someone have a dream about the word ‘atonement’ on their feet?

According to Bible Hub, the Greek word for Atonement is defined as: Reconciliation or restoration of favor.

I didn’t understand this dream for about a year, until recently during inner healing session I began to realize a certain family member came up and I was asked to pray about what God says. I remembered from a few months ago and how difficult it was to process and forgive. But this time, I had received this picture as shown above as a reminder of what God thought.

A certain family member had molested me and one part used was my feet. I had blocked it out for years and to top it off, I had no idea how much it affected my relationship with people or my behavior. I  constantly felt shame, fear of man, heaviness, confusion, anxiety, depression and even guilt. A typical response to those who struggle with molestation and/or rape.

This dream was simply a confirmation of not only God allowing me to reconciling to Him as a process of healing but also He is able to restore favor and say this is not what He desired but rather He wants to make me whole again.

I don’t know about you, but when God uses dreams to show us just how much He wants to heal us, there is nothing more powerful than a graphic picture that replaces the night terrors of being molested or raped. Jesus’ died on the cross so we could experience restoration, healing and freedom. No one should have to carry the burden of other people’s sins or suffering, but Jesus did.

Healing is possible. To be made whole is possible. It’s not the end, but rather a new day and a new place. A new time and our hearts can restored. Only He can make me whole. Doctors, counselors, psychiatric, medications and even my leaders can guide me but cannot help me, but God can and He is. By His grace and mercy, I am set free.


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