How romantic films distort real love

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I’ve watched a few romantic films over the years and found myself that I prefer horror films just because they are funny.

As a woman, I began to question society and their worldview on romance. Do I long to get married in the future and to have children? More than I can imagine. But what I think people don’t really pay attention to is how much relationships really take work. I recently became engaged, and while the excitement is still there in the midst of crazy wedding planning. I’ve found myself wondering… do romantic movies remove original design for love?

Often movies are filled with a desire to fill an empty void. Something missing in our lives. But the more I learn to depend on God, the more I learn that the only way to fill the missing void, is to seek the Lord with all my heart, all my soul and all my mind. God isn’t whimsical and neither is earthly love.

Love is not a feeling or a perception but a way one may express themselves to others. Love is not easily expressed and is often superficial. The greatest love shown to man is when Jesus took himself on the cross.

But today’s films distort what love should look like between a husband and wife. But to be honest, it also shows just how human we are today. We fail, again and again. We cheat, we lie, we lust and kill. Satan’s only job? To destroy and kill. As a woman, I have no desire to watch films or television shows where marriages are ending rather than be worth fighting for. To see men courting women rather than lusting after them. To see woman seek men who truly honor women in their lives and seek the Lord with all their hearts.

As a soon to be Mrs. Smith… what do I seek in my future husband or what do I hope he seeks in me.

1) To love and to honor God
2) Willingness to seek wisdom and guidance from God and not the world in his decision for his family
3) Has a strong community to hold himself accountable
4) To love and honor the people in his/her life
5) Trust the Holy Spirit
6) Never cease praying
7) Have a quick and forgiving heart (marriage will not work out if no one forgives)
8) Be okay with setting boundaries
9) Communication

I don’t know about you, but the things on my list are things not often shown in romantic films. Recently, I went to see Old Fashioned and it is now one of my favorite romantic films. It felt real and true. I felt respected, honored and loved through the film and my expectations for my relationship began to change. I got rid of many of the lies I’ve always believed about myself and held on to the truth that God speaks in our lives. As humans, we are not perfect and we definitely don’t deserve a lot of things. But because of grace, we’ve been given infinite love. Who says we cannot also experience some of that infinite love through earthly relationships?


One thought on “How romantic films distort real love

  1. I love your blog about marriage stuff! It is true that romanic movie is not healthy in present. It does affect on every marriage couple. For example, The Fifth Shade of Grey book and movie switches the image of relationship. I read the introduction and I cannot stand it because it triggers me. I glad that I am able to discern between the purity and immoral behavior in the relationship. 🙂 I cannot to wait meet you as Mrs. Smith! HeHeHe.

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