Month: July 2015

Marriage is worth the wait

The Bible says man and woman were designed to be together so man would not longer be lonely and to help multiply. While there were no white gowns or a large celebration during Adam’s and Eve’s time, marriage was still approved in the eyes of the Lord. Celebrations became a cultural trend later on. Getting married is expensive but worth it in the long run!

Today, statistics show a high percentage of Americans have had premarital sex, even Christians. I personally admire those who choose to commit and wait, no matter what society says. For those who didn’t wait; do not think you are not nothing,trash or anything lesser. Anyone who says otherwise may need a heart check themselves. By the grace of God, we have every opportunity to change our ways. For He knows your heart.

For the first time since we’ve been married, everything feels right. Neither of us had any convictions or guilt weighing on our shoulder. Even if it’s just crossing some minor personal boundaries of our own that we created. Crossing those boundaries honestly never felt right. And honestly, living in a community helped keep us accountable for our actions and thoughts.

One thing we’ve come to the agreement on; marriage was worth the wait. There were moments of passion and excitement in our engagement and if we crossed boundaries we always did our best and to come before God about our convictions. We would discuss them together and ask for forgiveness and repent. Forgivness does not give anyone the rights to push further on those boundaries but to work together to fight temptations. Some of those boundaries still apply while married but the key is communication.

We often prayed and discussed what those personal boundaries were. This is really important in any relationship. We learn to honor and respect one another by respecting their boundaries. Since our bodies are considered temples of God, they should be treated as holy or sacred.

To those who are waiting for the right person out there: keep waiting because it’s worth it. It’s never a pleasant feeling of having to constantly repent or feeling as if we are doing things wrong. While we have an awesome and loving Father in heaven who forgives us and has grace, He also longs for us to change our hearts and our ways. (Read Luke 15: 11-32, story of the Prodigal Son). This is what repentance means. But if we take the time to consider the outcome of waiting and enjoying what God has designed us for, the outcome outweighs everything.

While we are new at this married life, we know that we were designed for it and we love every part of it, even our heated moments!

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