Month: December 2015

We are all crying for a better King

My husband and I work at David’s Tent in Washington, DC. We love having the opportunity to serve but not only that, but to lead worship.

I find myself engaging in worship as I go through these mind battles about what’s going on in the world. So much conflict, war, shootings, etc. It’s a non-stop battle in my heart as well.

One day I was leading worship and I spontaneously created this song:

The world is a mess and I don’t understand

The people of the nations are all crying for a better King
The people of the nations are all crying for a better King

You are the King of glory
You are the King of glory

The King who brings His Kingdom 
And changes the world

When I sang this, I sang it with brokenness but with hope. The more I hear about what’s happening, I feel as if there is no way to politically correct way to express what I’m thinking or feeling. I never really post anything on social media because either way, there is no right or wrong answer. People say you should post things so people are aware, but how do you make people be aware?

But I will honestly say this, I’m completely heart broken. There isn’t much I can do. I know I can easily next year, go to the polling booth make my vote for the next leader of our nation. Trusting that they will make the best decisions for our country. It’s not because I’m apathetic or pessimistic, but it’s because I know God is the only one who can change the world.  In the meantime, I’ll just keep praying for wisdom and peace.

Peace & Love