The keys to the Kingdom

In 2013, my husband to be and our team made a way to Bethlehem in Palestine for our outreach. One of the girls on our team was having a hard time sleeping and our team leader stayed up to talk and pray with her. As they were talking, they heard a loud thud and turned on the flashlight and discovered a red box had fallen from the shelf. They decided to look inside and found it was full of keys. Keys of all shapes and sizes. A word our team felt was this would open the keys to the Kingdom. 

Today, my husband and I are sitting in a guesthouse in Gambia. A place neither of us dreamed or imagined we would ever be. We are here because we were called. We are here because we asked and we received a very clear picture of where God wanted us to be. We are here because we were given the keys to the Kingdom where we can open and close doors. We’ve been entrusted with these keys to open an invitation to relationships with people who come from backgrounds we never imagined in them in. We have keys to the Kingdom.

A few months ago, we started praying about the next steps for us. We knew we were getting comfortable and perhaps it was time to get uncomfortable. One day we prayed and asked Him, “where do you want us?” And I got a picture of a machete. Nothing is random to God but it was for me. My husband suggested looking at the map and we did. We were already feeling Africa was on our hearts. Then we saw it, The Gambia. Shaped like a long machete. We prayed and I remember specially saying, “If this is where you want us to be, you will reveal and make yourself clear to us.

After that we shared with close friends of our, not too long after, we got a text message from when they were in a meeting and shared that the couple who came to stay just so happens to be leaders of YWAM. We knew them for a couple months at this point but we never asked where they were from. Needless to say, we were shocked and it was a key to a door to His Kingdom that we asked for. Who knew?!

Here we are, waiting for more doors to unlock as we see what else will unfold. 

Pray for us as we continue to open these doors. To handle them with delicacy and care as we enter a new culture, new language and new community. Let us be gifted and ready to roll up our sleeves and say, “yes, here I am. Use me.” Let Him be the one to shine His light in whatever ways He can.


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